ICT Support Service

Business processes that are always under control

Skills and tools to configure, monitor, and maintain end-user systems and applications.

Systems under control

We actively monitor your organization's basic IT infrastructure, servers, network, and data connections.We supervise the use of data/file/physical space, applications and we proactively maintain the parameters to avoid potential service interruption.

Service level

ICT Support activities are configured and tailored based on real needs and client’s requests. ILLIAR offers the service ICT Support in global way and without any geographical limits with direct skills and through certified reliable partners.

Business view

The ICT Support ILLIAR model is strongly orientated towards cost management to ensure that it is sustainable over time and profitable for the client.

By means of strictly trustworthy relationship, ILLIAR provides the client with a constant consumption report and carried out activities for each individual area within the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

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