We believe, just like you, in a sustainable world that needs to be delivered to future generations.

We put competence and passion in what we do and we like to share these values ​​even outside our corporate sphere. Aware of the requirement to support those initiatives that know how to combine healthy competition, human values, sustainability, and respect for others, ILLIAR is sponsoring sports initiatives.

The SPORTS TEAM program is ILLIAR's commitment

Exciting moments, of fear, happiness, hilarious situations, and moving scenes.

In an increasingly cynical world, where interests prevail over everything else, we cannot forget what really matters and what is the responsibility of each one of us towards future generations.

This is why we are happy to live moments that touch the heart and are good for the soul.

Equestrian SPORTS TEAM

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.


Emotions that only sport can give.

Sport doesn't build personality. It reveals it.

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