Ethical business T-RENT

Ethical business

Sustainable Crypto-Business 

With T-RENT the Client participates together with ILLIAR in the earnings and the development of total-green technology.

Key points

T-RENT is an ethical Business that aims to reduce the environmental impact and to develop one part of the profit for cultural and humanitarian initiatives or scientific research.

• ILLIAR is committed to acquiring 100% electric energy ETICA for the functioning of the HPC Mobile Forms.
• ILLIAR is developing its program of total-green energy production.
• 1% of the profit will be donated for cultural and humanitarian initiatives or scientific research.

The client, in view of a 36-months investments, will obtain an annual operating profit of 4,81%. 
* read all the detailed information regarding the investment within the complete report.


The digital transformation implicates a radical change in the old structure of the Data Center.

The use of Cloud and Blockchain technology is increasing intensively. This creates a requirement of new, more flexible, and modular Data Center solutions, but mostly greener and more sustainable.

Investment opportunity

An ethical and profitable technology investment

How T-RENT works

1. Customer purchases ILLIAR Hardware and HPC Mobile Solution.
2. ILLIAR pays the Customer a monthly rental fee, as agreed in BTC.
3. ILLIAR repurchases the infrastructure from the Customer after 36 months.
4. ILLIAR will donate 1% of its profits to cultural, solidarity or scientific research initiatives.

Hardware purchase capital: starting from 100K EUR
Yield: 4,81% per year *
Duration: 36 months
* on the residual capital at the beginning of the year

Ethical business T-RENT

Ethical business

How to invest in T-RENT

How to invest

Invest in a real opportunity in total transparency and security

Request the T-RENT report

Investment disclosure

The Client who expresses the investment interest in T-RENT sends a request through this section, filling in the requested information.The customer will receive the complete investment report via email with all the contractual conditions and yields.

Customer Care

ILLIAR customer support is available to the customer at all times during the negotiation process for any information request, advice and support, including the collaboration with key figures on the Customer’s side, such as lawyers, technicians, and designated staff for compliance and management.


In case the Customer accepts the T-RENT product, ILLIAR will initiate all the administrative and planning activities to formalize the agreement between the parties,collaborating with the Customer through each phase until the start of the system and the generation of the first profit.

Request the T-RENT report
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