We present to you HPC Solution.

High-performance calculation solutions

More and more companies are demanding complex computing systems. ILLIAR responds to these needs with its own High-Performance Computing (HPC) system integrating high-tech hardware solutions, thanks to a flexible and reliable model.


and maximum efficiency

To us, HPC means linking the cutting-edge data analysis technologies, or, in other words, obtaining upto one thousand billion floating-point operations per second. 

It is a system that can quickly examine huge quantities of data and process the information contained in it. 

The results are exceptional both in terms of productivity as well as efficiency in many sectors, including Industry and Finance.


HPC solutions dedicated to Data and Crypto Mining processing

We believe in technologies that can simplify processes, create new business opportunities and, in general,improve people's lives thanks to the incredible calculation results that are finally available.

We produce HPC infrastructures dedicated to Data Management Applications and for Crypto mining with high efficiency.
ILLIAR infrastructure solutions are based on our own Datatank container that delivers maximum flexibility and user-friendliness to the customer.

There is no limit for your applications

HPC Data

Thanks to the characteristics of the ILLIAR solution dedicated to Data, entirely new cloud-based services, such as Data Analysis, IoT, AI, and Machine Learning can be integrated into the workflows.

Discover HPC Data

Maximum performance for the best profit

HPC Mining

The latest Datatank generation is designed and built to provide maximum hardware mining capacity and is equipped with technology systems to guarantee maximum efficiency for cooling and continuity.

Discover HPC Mining

High-end solutions

ILLIAR has developed the HPC Mining infrastructure using a scalable model specifically designed for HPC applications with virtually unlimited capabilities. The optimal configuration proposed by ILLIAR, being extremely flexible, allows you to increase and decrease the infrastructure based on the workloads.

Not only that: ILLIAR offers you a supercomputer network for any type of calculations, even the most complex ones, without having to install anything inside your company.


ILLIAR HPC Solution allows you to obtain advantages from every point of view.

The single unit allows you to obtain a super workstation, technologically speaking, advanced and able to be updated in a few steps.

ILLIAR HPC Solution is transported as any standard container, while the installation is as simple as linking a router to the Internet connection.

The security of ILLIAR HPC Solution is guaranteed by a video surveillance system of the latest generation for visual control, by an innovative system magnetothermic for temperature control and optionally by a biometric access control.

Limited and guaranteed investment

The considered model does not conform to the normal supply systems.

Companies that choose ILLIAR pay for the effective use of the workload necessary for them.

Thanks to this, the investments in the local HPC clusters, which are inflexible and subject to rapid obsolescence, will be reduced.


ILLIAR HPC Solution was designed to operate autonomously, without continuous maintenance, to be quickly scalable and easily upgradeable.

The standard configurations are created for ideal hardware sizing, but, at the same time, completely customizable for the customer, both during the purchase phase, as well as in the subsequent interventions. The modularity of the ILLIAR ™ HPC Solution system allows the implementation of large scale HPC infrastructures.


Thanks to the design features provided by ILLIAR, entirely new cloud-based services, such as Data Analysis, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Crypto Mining can be integrated into the HPC workflows.

Speed ​​and efficiency

Workloads are managed by the HPC infrastructure, so there will be no more waiting times as a result of exceeding local resource limits.

This translates into a significant increase in speed and efficiency for your company.

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