ILLIAR's responsible development model

Traditional development models are now a dead end street, and it is necessary to rethink deeply for production strategies not only to overcome and win the challenges of the global market, but also to ensure adequate well-being for the future generations.

A detailed approach for real results

Within global production cycles, often dominated by unpredictable and uncontrollable mechanisms, ILLIAR has integrated a realistic and feasible green economy model.

A recent Mc Kinsey study shows that between 60 and 80% of resources are wasted, basically in all sectors, within the linear path of extraction-production-consumption- waste.
ILLAR worked directly on this relationship, identifying the greatest potential in it in terms of achievable results.

Our values

ILLIAR was inspired by the guidelines of the main organizations that refer to the international environmental programs of the United Nation (UNEP), that are defining a green economy which is capable of improving human well-being and social equity between different people,simultaneously reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity.


A path to the future

Over the course of 18months ILLIAR has integrated the guidelines into its production processes Green that has been tested and proven as more effective and sustainable over time and it allows reinvesting 1% of profits in Green projects.

This process is still inconstant evolution as well as an integral part of ILLIAR's identity for two main reasons: on one hand, the presence of potential for incredible improvement is now certain in the years that follow and, on the other hand, new technologies allow results that were unthinkable yesterday.

Create new conditions

We believe that the correct approach is to ensure a stable framework, to generate trust and security for businesses, citizens and institutions, promoting investment and innovation oriented to a more efficient use of resources thanks to ILLIAR's extensive expertise in the ICT sector.


We believe that it is possible to achieve specific and sustainable results over time only if we work with a deep and complete knowledge in each of its sectors.

Sustainable business

ILLIAR has activated specifications by assessing their sustainability so that they are not too much impacting on business and investments, and therefore applicable constantly in the coming years, and accomplish truly achievable results.
Under these conditions ILLIAR is able to reinvest 1% of profits in Green projects and initiatives of environmental protection.

Fair Trade

The ILLIAR Team's decades of experience has made it possible to select and collaborate with the following realities production and suppliers who best comply with the green guidelines. The main indicators taken in consideration are the production processes, selection and supply of raw materials with a steadily increasing percentage in Fair Trade.

The network of suppliers is constantly managed and monitored by ILLIAR through periodic audits and through the progressive traceability of all production cycles involving the hardware used by ILLIAR to develop solutions and products.

Hardware Recycling

ILLIAR's Hardware Recyling program is represented by cutting-edge processes which ensure that the hardware used, directly or indirectly by ILLIAR in its solutions, is recycled responsibly and in accordance with current regulations.

To date, we can count on 5 fundamental results:

Reduction of waste material
Landfills are growing at an exponential rate everywhere. Reducing the amount of waste is the first step to take.
Prevention of toxic waste
The electronic components release harmful toxins that are harmful to the environment and the health of living species.
Health protection
By recycling the hardware, we help to keep the air and water clean and safe to use by avoiding toxic contamination.
Reduction of production costs
Only about 2% of electronic materials cannot be recycled. A huge 98% can be recycled and reused.
Reduction of energy consumption
By reusing ILLIAR's recycled electronic materials, less energy will be needed to manufacture the new hardware.

Profit reinvestment

ILLIAR, in collaboration with selected partners and non-profit organizations, works constantly on eco-sustainable projects aimed at the production of green energy.

ILLIAR selects and directly finances the initiatives with an investment of 1% of its profits achieved through a financial plan established from year to year.

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