ICT Consulting Service

When choices make difference

Accessing to the ICT Consulting service of ILLIAR means develop solid and profitable projects thanks to a 360° consulting that starts from the Business plan.


We provide a competent and continuous vision, analysis and evaluation of the global and most adequate technological solutions. We identify the best technologies and evaluate the global trends for their applicability in order to meet the needs of the client.

Business Plan

The consulting service starts from the development of reliable and coherent Business plan. ILLIAR can play this role on behalf of the client by providing competent and specialized resources for this area.

Business Process

ILLIAR faces one of the biggest challenges since the dawn of time in the ICT filed, namely the one to translate operationally the business requirements through systems and infrastructures in technological reality.

ILLIAR provides dedicated consulting in the following fields:
- IT Project Business Plan
- Blockchain development & implementation
- HPC Systems
- IT infrastructure with high performance
- Crypto Mining infrastructure
- Colocation, Hosting and geographical location of systems

Strategical partners

ILLIAR with more than 10 years of experience in consulting, design and development of ICT solutions, can count on a large network of strategic partners. The ILLIAR partner network enables the clients to achieve IT goals faster and with maximum reliability.

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