ICT Colocation Service

A wide choice of quality solutions for infrastructural positioning.

We offer to the clients ideal and strategical positioning for ICT infrastructures with high quality standards always under control and directly managed by ILLIAR.


Based on our data center infrastructure, we are able to offer value added IT services, such as connecting your IT systems to remote places. In this way is possible to outsource the entire IT unit with uncompromising protection with enterprise standards.

Global Security

Safety management is regulated by the most cogent industry standards and can be adapted to the specific needs of the client and to the regulations of positioning country.

For ILLIAR, the security concept is inseparably represented by "physical" and "digital" security. ILLIAR guarantees the service level for maintenance and safety according to client’s needs with the purpose to ensure business continuity.


The use of ILLIAR Hosting solutions allows the client to benefit from ready-to-use positioning services with convenient, transparent and scalable rates in order to support the IT infrastructure in any developmental need and for load sizing.

ILLIAR Hosting Solutions include a certified service level and an enterprise quality standards. All ILLIAR sites are subject to regular quality control audits and constantly updated with regard to the technologies used and safety.

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