Advanced ICT solutions to grow your business

We create innovation through the most advanced High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions. We respond to your needs through more than 10 years of experience in ICT. 

About Us

We respond to your needs through solid experience in ICT. We are a technology company based in Balerna (CH) able to create, develop and integrate the most innovative technologies using High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


We target customers who make quality a focal point of their business. In order to be always close to these realities and their needs, the mission that accompanies us is to create added value for each type of company, focusing on innovative capacity and reliability.

By choosing ILLIAR, you know you can count on decades of know-how in IT infrastructure and expertise at the top of the industry.

Advanced ICT solutions to grow your business


At your service is a team of IT specialists, blockchain experts, data scientists and engineers with expertise in the main ITC areas including IA, high performance IT, Blockchain networks, cryptocurrency transactions and tokens.

It is the qualities and dedication of our staff that make ILLIAR an ideal partner for large-scale digital infrastructure solutions.



If your need is to optimize your business and key processes ILLIAR can provide you with turnkey solutions, thanks to constant investment in R&D and decades of expertise in the field of emerging technologies.

Elements that allow companies that choose us to achieve their goals in terms of appropriate computing resources, performance optimization and energy efficiency.

To whom we turn

Our clients are realities of all sizes, operating both in the public and private sectors including Finance, Food, Logistics, Goods Transport.

We are structured to allow you to have a single interlocutor for the entire project development cycle, from design to delivery, taking care of every aspect.


Why choose us

Because ILLIAR goes beyond infrastructure design and implementation, managing all operations and processes necessary to ensure the best possible result including supply/change & management, geographic co-location and procurement.

Goals achievable through our business relationships that allow your company to keep track of both progress and savings.


Beyond physical boundaries

We operate in order to simplify procedures as much as possible, saving you time. Our proprietary technologies allow you to operate without geographical limitations and transport complete IT infrastructure from one country to another,regardless of service provider.

You can count on the highest level of efficiency thanks to our latest generation Datatanks.

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