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ILLIAR creates innovation through the most advanced High Performance Computing, Infrastructure solutions and Blockchain technology.

We are a technology company based in Switzerland able to create, develop and integrate the most innovative technologies using  High Performance Computing, Infrastructure solutions and Blockchain technology.

We target customers who make quality a focal point of their business. In order to be always close to these realities and their needs, the mission that accompanies us is to create added value for each type of company, focusing on innovative capacity and reliability.

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HPC Solutions

HPC Solutions dedicated to Data and Crypto Mining processing

We produce HPC infrastructures dedicated to Data Management Applications and for Crypto mining with high efficiency. ILLIAR infrastructure solutions are based on our own Datatank container that delivers maximum flexibility and user-friendliness to the customer.

Blockchain solution by ILLIAR

A Blockchain based service and business model ready to use and adaptable to any client's need.

Blockchain technology is drastically changing markets, people's lives and the way of doing business for companies in every sector and for public administration.

Join the most innovative technology available today and take advantage of the competitive benefits:

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ICT solutions

Focus on your business while our team makes sure your systems allow you to achieve your goals.

ILLIAR and its team of experts have established partnerships and collaborations in order to present, along with their products, a range of useful and necessary services to complete their offers.

ILLIAR offers outsourcing projects and services, consultancy and professional services in the ICT and Engineering field, operating across the main industries. In the ICT sector, ILLIAR operates on the entire life cycle of the systems, offering know-how and experience in all areas.

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T-RENT Investment

Sustainable Crypto-Business

T-RENT is an ethical Business that aims to reduce the environmental impact and to develop on part of the profit for cultural and humanitarian initiatives or scientific research.

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Green economy transformation

Find out how ILLIAR changing its development model for a sustainable business   

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Sports Team

We believe in a sustainable world that needs to be delivered to future generations

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